Top 10 Late Model V8 SERIES


Last weekend Joey raced cars for the first time in 5 years, doing an excellent all weekend with very fast lap times and getting a podium in the saturday race.




Starting from the back each race because he was concidered as a rookie, he still managed to creep into the top 10 every race except one. he got tangeled up with a german driver who lost control over his car and clipt joey’s front wheel. No major damage and no one got hurt.


“Overall I had a good weekend and I was very happy to be in a fast car like this again, If we do this more often is a good question. I do have the time at the moment to have this kind of fun but the financial part hast to be healthy as well. Were talking to some potential sponsors at the moment and hope for the best. If I get a drive in this series then for sure we will go hard at it!


This was a good weekend for Joey to get his name out again especially in a car like this. It’s not strange that Joey is seen often in the oval racing scene, because his father Henk is a 3 time world champion in midgeds during the 70’s and 80’s.


Thanks to every one that helped over the weekend!

Timo and Rik Thijssen, Henk Hanssen, Corne Kohler and many others!

Laarakker Groenten verwerking

Bam Beton

Lumar verhuur

Harry Maessen

Hanssen Racing Engines

Mills Drainage

Newlands Associates

Logo Products

Van Osch Reclame

Bell Helmets Europe

Rpm Race wear

Shamick Racing

Mick The Plumber

Tap Tech Arnold