joey hanssen suit 003

Joey Hanssen made a deal with the suit manufacterer RPM Racewear. He will be using their new Karting suits in 2014.

” Thanks to Tullio Salta from Revolution Racegear established in Melbourne. I will have my own costum suits. They feel awsome they look awsome and the service was very good. The suit was ready in 3 weeks. I met Tullio a couple months ago to make a deal as a BELL Helmets dealer in australia as well and now they are sponsoring me some awsome gear! Really happy with that” on these pictures you can see what the final result it will be. The hot new HRE logo on the front together with Logo Products and Tap Tech Arnold. On the arms you can see the logos of Mills Drainage and Newland Accociates. Ofcourse we cannot forget the BELL Helmets logo who provides Joey the wonderfull Crashhelmet every year! Thank you very much  Tullio and Revolution Racegear.

joey hanssen suit 001

joey hanssen suit 004

joey hanssen suit 005