Hanssen & Mach 1 Join forces for Dutch Championship


Joey Hanssen and Mach1 Kart have made a deal for the 2015 season.

The last week there were a lot of speculations of what Joey was going to do. Not only wich kart/races or championships but if he would race at all. ” Im very busy with my engine business and driver traning, Preparing other people gear and so on. I will still do that the only reason im racing now is because I Don’t have any drivers to work for in the dutch championship. So in that way I have decided to race myself and see if i can win the championship wich I have never won before. I will be at the ADAC german championship, GK4 Races and some races around the world for my Business”.  Last week the two parties have met in Kerpen and got to talk. BS Karting is the dutch Importer of Mach 1 wich is located in Den Haag. Ferry Smit and his sons; Owner of BS Karting has done Mach 1 for many years but only in rotax. Now they want to take it to the next class and take on another challange. John Norris is doing a Great job during the big events in KZ2 so the kart has proven itself. Joey Still continues his schedule with his drivers and plans which are made before nothing changes.

Come and see round 1 at The Veldhoven Kart tack Cirtcuit de Landsart

Live Stream of the races will be found on www.chrono.nl


Circuit de Landsard

Landsardseweg 47, Eindhoven

T: 040-2052750

E: info@outdoorkarting.nl


Time schedule


Race one 11:40 

Race two 14:25

Race three 17:00


Entry list:

01 201 Menno Paauwe

02 202 Finn Kooijman

03 204 Olivier Hart

04 205 Sven Van de Wardt

05 207 Toon De Winter

06 213 Tim Berndt

07 214 Sam Claes

08 215 Kevin Lemmens

09 216 Symen Wiggers

10 217 Bart Kramer

11 218 Jarno Opmeer

12 219 Denzel Mafait

13 220 Chantal Van Haandel

14 222 Gianni Don carlo

15 224 Edgar Oosting

16 227 Roy Dijk

17 234 Jeroen Bos

18 236 Bas Steen

19 240 Joey Hanssen

20 244 Kevin Verhoeven

21 246 Yonah Niewold

22 250 Sebastiaan Koppenol

23 254 Jordi Van Moorsel

24 255 Jesse Smeets

25 277 Tim Bultman

26 296 Thijs Van den Heuvel

27 299 Robert Dirks


Time Schedule