HRE 2 years


In the past two years we have won a couple major titles around the world. Not only with Joey but 3 more drivers have done their share developing and winning races and championships.




Dylan Jones won the 2014 Southern-zone Championship for HRE with a lenzo/LKE



A few words from Dylan Jones about his last season.

2014 Southern zone series, At the start of the 2014 season i knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park as It was my first full season in the kz gearbox class in the series, after the first round win in Albany I knew I would have to have a lot of consistency, thats when I seeked the help and advice from Jake and Allan Klarich who helped me through the whole season, I also had help for 2x Australia kz champion and 1x world champion Joey Hanssen, Joey had so much knowledge that has gone in to both of my Race engines I really found that the time and development that he has put in to both really was the make or break of my season, we were only off the podium once over the four rounds I would really like to Thank my family, Jake and Allan Klarich, Joey Hanssen And Mr Ian Whitlock for everything during the year.


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