Hanssen Wins 4 out of 5


First race of the season went very well for the Dutchman as he looked strong all weekend. Now leading 15 points ahead of Dave Sera australia most succesfull gokarter!

“I could say we had a good weekend, Struggling in the first three practise sessions but after that we put it all together and got a P1 in the final practice. ” Joey Put his Shamick CRG/TM on the front row next to his former team mate Jordan Ford. These two have a history from last year as they stood alongside eachother almost every single race since they were team mates.


Hanssen got the jump in the first heat on ford and won heat one, So did he in heat two and three. collecting maximum points for Final one to start of pole position for the first time this year. ¬†with a good start and leading start till finish he was now leading the most final wins in the CIK Stars of karting standings. Hanssen and Ensby were even with FINAL WINS after last year’s campaign.


“What a result again! Im so happy with this gokart. Probably one of the best I have ever driven. also the fact this final makes me the most succeslfull KZ driver in Australia!


” Final 2, A lot of people still talk about this. The opening laps were very¬†spectacular! not for Hanssen tough. It looked like he had a target on his back and got smashed around like it was the final lap. ” I had another good start and got in the lead about halfway lap 1 sera made an agressive move on me. Both losing the lead to Kyle Ensby who later won the race. Next corner number 97 seen his chance and tried to gain some points on me and gave me a little push. wich almost put me off the track. I dropped back to 7th, had my steering bend a little but no excuses the gokart felt still good but I had to push a little harder. I got up to 4th this race and stayed there.


Still happy with the result because we are leading the championship again! It would be nice to go home with a trophy but were here to bring the championship home to Shamick racing located, Melbourne!